Farmgate Cocoa Alliance


We make all efforts so members are informed and knowledgeable about sustainable farming practices, and  embrace cocoa farming as a business.

Step 1

Sustainable Farming

Step 2

Zero Deforestation & Child Labour

Step 3

Fully Traceable Cocoa Beans


Esterblished in 2020, FCA promote the implementation of sustainable farming practices to achieve economic and social welfare for our members, their family, and their communities in Cameroon.


Our Main Focus

fast-track Women Empowerment

Members are dedicated to ensure women empowerment through: members dialogue and put women first in our economic-social actions

Ensure Deforestation Free in Farm

Members voluntarily end illicit cutting of tree in farms. They are train to farm alongside trees, to mitigate climate impact, and replace lost trees

end child & forced labour practice

Members commit to not use child & forced labour in farms. We partner to help members have necessary support, so they remain committed

Members Voice


Interview of the president of Commodities Suppliers Cooperative regarding the sustainability situation of its members.


The views of a cooperative leader. He was interviewed during a meeting between our members and team in Kumba.

Routine Farm Inspection

FCA, s Community Field Agent (CFA) team members are inspecting a cocoa farm. This is a routine field undertaking to gather data from members farms. Beit a cooperative or a Group member.