About us

Established in 2020

Farmgate Cocoa Alliance Cameroon (FCAC) is established in 2020, to support in delivering an exceptional service to cocoa and coffee farmers in Cameroon to become sustainable cocoa and coffee entrepreneurs.

We help with transforming small-scale cocoa and coffee farming business to be more meaningful and inspiring by the means of training, capacity building and access to market that’s self-driving and adaptive leading to a better livelihoods.

Our Goal is to secure a safe, healthy, and sustainable farming atmosphere which permit farmers and farm workers to earn a fair income and break through the vicious cycle of poverty.


Enhancing and empowering cocoa and coffee farming community in Cameroon, so they obtain economic and social independence.


Create a world where everyone has the right to benefit from their profession, and to live with dignity and to become active contributing member in their society.


  • Support sustainable cocoa and coffee farming in Cameroon.
    Promote the social and economic well-being of members.
  • Focus on grouping, training, and building independent cocoa and coffee entrepreneurs.
  • Facilitating access to market for members cocoa, coffee beans including end products.
  • Network with stakeholders who share the same vision as us for the interest of members and the supply chain at large.