What we Stand for.



Our concern is to educate members to implement sustainable farming rules when growing their crop and treat the environment around them with respect to positively affect our future.

Therefore, members commit to reduce our environmental impact and conserve natural resources.


Business Practices

The way we behave as an association concerning all our undertaking locally and internationally is of fundamental importance to us.

We will conduct our proceedings with fairness, integrity, accountability, and responsibly.



Our commitment is to engage and work together with, the communities where we members grow their crop. We will empower participation of our team on the ground to spread GAP knowledge to members identify challenges, develop solutions, and bring positive change.



How we interact with partner defines us as an association. Our commitment is to treat partners or with who we operate, and in all walks of life with integrity, dignity, and respect. We equally, promise to provide our team and members with the needed tools and a safe place to work.